Security doors sound like bulky and unattractive features used to ensure no one can force their way into a building, and yet they are also a part of many homes. Fortunately, the security doors used in homes are not the heavy-duty steel or reinforced entities that seem so unappealing to most. Instead, they are barrier, security and safety doors that can incorporate an astonishing array of options, styles and purposes. Let’s take a few moments to consider a few ways that security doors can be added to your home, and enhance the overall aesthetics and visual appeal as well as the safety and security of the premises:
  • They can be protective and decorative grilles – Consider that a security door need not be a screened, glass or panelled door but quite simply a locking grilled that adds a second level of protection between the outdoors and interior.
  • They can be screened with perforated or woven finishes – To allow yourself the option of leaving a front door open (for ventilation or as a sign of welcome) and yet keep insects, pets and debris outside, you can opt for security doors that have screens or woven finishes that uphold safety and security, look good and offer a lot of function. With a decorative grille overlay, they can also enhance the look and security of the door.
  • They can be half panel designs – If you would like a secure door that offers the same solidity of a traditional door as well as some elements of a security door, the half panel design options are for you. With the bottom half of the door made of durable and decorative solid metal panels, and the top featuring a sturdy mesh screen, you can leave your front door open, enjoy fresh air and know you are secure at all times.
  • They can be single or double designs – Does the front of your home have a larger, grander design? Double doors can be difficult to enhance with security or safety doors, and yet you can always opt for a double design. Meeting in the middle, with one offering a locking position, you can add the sort of decorative grilles, screens and flyscreen designs you want, but to cover and enhance the entire doorway.
Ensuring that the main entrances and other doorways into your home have the kind of style, elegance and personality you desire is easier than you might have supposed thanks to custom security doors. Available in low to no maintenance designs and in a surprising number of styles and finishes, they can even be fire rated if a requirement of your locale. When you are eager to boost the curb appeal and general good looks of your premises, and are unsure how to enhance the front doors, consider the style and design possibilities inherent in safety doors, screen doors and other similar options. At TLC Blinds, you can find a completely custom solution to this common challenge.