If you ask any design professionals about the essential components of a design scheme, most will point towards window dressings as one of the key areas of any design scheme. Even more frequent will be the recommendation to use blinds as a focal point or supporting element to any design scheme. Since it is the experts expressing support for the use of blinds, it makes sense to learn a bit more about them. Let’s look at 8 major reasons you will want to include blinds in a new or redecorating plan.

  1. They are incredibly diverse and flexible – The style options for blinds are surprisingly diverse. You can elect to use roller, Venetian, Roman, vertical and other types of blinds. They can be made of soft fabrics and hard wood. They can feature shutters or provide coordinating prints and colours. They can even be a statement or accent, such as a large window fitted with vertical or shutter style blinds.
  2. They ensure privacy – Even homes in the most exposed spaces can enjoy optimal privacy when blinds are an option. They can completely seal the window and yet can also be opened when privacy issues are not a major concern.
  3. They are equal parts design and function – There are not many elements in a design scheme that can uphold form and function, but blinds can. They can supply a solution to any sort of window dressing requirement, including oversized windows, sliding doors, and more. Yet, they are also an integral part of the overall scheme.
  4. They are easy to maintain – It goes without saying that anything that can help reduce household chores is of interest, and the use of this sort of window dressing makes it easier than ever to keep the home tidy.
  5. They are more affordable over the long-term – Installed infrequently, they allow you a decorative accent that can remain in place for years, or even decades without upgrades or replacement.
  6. They add value to any property – They remain in place when you depart, and can be an added value in any sort of home or premises.
  7. They support energy efficiency – They are some of the most effective solutions for blocking sunlight or trapping conditioned air within a home. Keep the interior living spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter far more easily when you have such impervious window dressings in place.
  8. They can be automated – Like so many other areas of the modern home, you will find that you have options for automation where blinds are concerned. You can operate them from switches or remotes, and it won’t be long before you can open or close them using a convenient app on a mobile!

These are but a few reasons that blinds are a perfect solution and “must” in a design scheme. At TLC Blinds you can get a completely custom solution to your window dressing needs and enjoy the many benefits of blinds.