When a homeowner hears the phrase “shutters”, they might automatically envision the exterior of the premises. Quite correctly, shutters are an accent (either functional or decorative) placed on the outside of a window’s framing. They can be used to secure a property, keep it safe during difficult weather conditions, or even as a form of insulation. However, plantation shutters are not the same as traditional, exterior shutters. They are remarkably popular in the world of home decorating, and we are going to look at four of the many reasons you will want to choose them when updating your d├ęcor. Keep in mind that this list of reasons is not the only reasons to consider them! The Benefits of Plantation Shutters You might look around at home style websites or publications and see that plantation shutters are in use, but not commented on and it is due to the fact that they are actually a somewhat classic and popular choice. They are, to put it simply a window treatment that consist of actual wood or faux wood louvers set within solid frames. The louvers are operated via a tilt rod mounted to the shutter. They can be the entire height of an interior window or installed at half the height for privacy, and while you see them in kitchens, they are also found in living, dining and bathrooms. The four main reasons we recommend them include: 1. Versatility 2. Less expensive than custom window dressings 3. Add value to the home 4. Low maintenance Let’s start with the versatility. Today’s plantation shutters can be made or found in almost any colour or size. The blades of the shutters (louvers) can be narrow to wide, and their design can be as individual panels or hinged designs that fold open across the window (i.e. the bi-fold design). This means they work well in almost any space imaginable, and over doors, too. They offer optimal control over the amount of light (and privacy), and they are often all that is needed to “dress” a window completely. However, some designers do opt to “soften” the overall look of their shutters by installing valances on top of the window frame. What this means over the long run is that you spend less to create a complete look for the window, and never have to update or replace worn out or outdated fabric dressings. Because the plantation shutters remain on the premises when you move or sell the property, they automatically add value, but that’s not where the value proposition ends. They also work beautifully as a form of insulation; blocking sunlight on hot summer days and helping to trap hot or cool air when needed. They are great for ventilation and light control, as well. Finally, a major reason for shutters in the plantation style is that they are easy to maintain. Close them, wipe them down and you are done! They don’t gather dust like other window dressings and will last for years, even decades, without a great deal of time spent maintaining, cleaning or fussing with them. As a form of added value and good looks, they cannot be ignored and should be among your considerations when redecorating any living space. At TLC Blinds, you can find all you need where plantation shutters are concerned.